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Thread: PS3 Boot up from Ubuntu

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    Angry PS3 Boot up from Ubuntu

    Hi I just Installed Ubuntu on my PS3 and when I tried to switch back to my PS3 home menu It said It does not recognize the command so I connected the PS3 HDD to my computer and my computer would not recognize the Drive. So I took it into Pc Medic They formated it in NTFS format. So I got home an plugged it in to my PS3 It gave me a black screen and kboot said that It could not find the files to boot Ubuntu. So I plugged the drive into my computer once again. It recognized it so I formated It in FAT32 gave me the same messages as before. so I plugged it into my computer and deleted all partitions on the drive. Same thing happened. I emailed Sony but they said that they do not support "other OS'S". I think I need the PS3 boot files. If anyone could help me, or has the boot files for the PS3. It would be greatly apreciated. Thanks

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    Re: PS3 Boot up from Ubuntu

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