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Thread: devede sound problem

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    devede sound problem

    I just tried converting a .avi movie file into dvd with devede and k3b.
    The dvd movie plays well in my laptop and desktop computers, the laptop is Ubuntu, the desktop is Windows xp. But when I play it in my
    home dvd player, the audio drops out every 4 seconds for about 1 second. Its like you are unplugging the speakers every 4 seconds.

    The home dvd player is about 3 years old and I never had this problem before with a movie made through windows xp.

    Anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions?

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    Re: devede sound problem

    Some DVD player manufacturers will put preventative measures like this into their players for things like an out-of-region DVD, or having the DVD player hooked up through a VCR, etc... If it plays fine in XP then most likely the burn is fine. I'd check your DVD player manual for any mention of audio dropout.
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