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Thread: Wireless broadband internet (through Alltel, Sprint, etc)??

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    Wireless broadband internet (through Alltel, Sprint, etc)??

    Does anyone have broadband internet through the likes of Alltel/Sprint/Verizon/AT&T's mobile broadband? We just recently came to relize it just might be available around here, and so I'm desperatly hoping it'll work on Linux and I can FINALLY get off dial-up!!

    If you do, how do you like it? I'm looking at Sprint and Alltel plans as they seem to have the best coverage where we're at (according to the maps, anyhow)...

    TONS of thanks in advance!!
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    Hello im running ubuntu gnome 8.04 amd 64 and i had a no problems with getting my Verizon Wireless 1XEVDO USB 720 card through GPPP only.

    I very much enjoy it my verizon card because of the mobility and its high speed for a wireless is insane 5mb thats insane for a small wireless air card -_-. what i liked about it was if i was to go in mountians somewhere id have internet and it works great. I recomend verizon sierra wireless novatel sprint i have gotten them all going on 8.04 gnome.

    Other then that to get it going in linux just some very lignt scripting.


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