Hey everybody well i installed ubuntu a lil while ago everything installed perfectly except for my video drivers.

I'm using it as a mediacenter so its directly connected to my TV (Jvc LT-32X70BU and i'm using a Nvidia geforce 8500) but for some reason wen i don't install the drivers i get big grey bars around my screen and wen i do install the drivers parts of the screen fall outside of it (like i can't reach my menu, stuff like that).

I tryed installing the drivers manually and i tryed using envyNG but didn't make any difference (tryed removing the drivers and did it again a couple of times.

I tryed reconfiging xorg but that just lets me config a keyboard and then gives me a error (wich seems to be common from what i read on the board).

I tryed changing the screen in the screen and resolution thing into different things (its on plugnplay screen by default) but that just makes it worse, if i reboot it starts acting up with big green lines and telling me its working in low quality mode or atleast it should say that but the window is only partially visible (the rest is somewere under the tv).

Hope somebody has any clue what to do about it, really love the rest of the distro