Okay I'm having a lot of problems here getting my NAS (A 500 GB Simpleshare) to talk to Mythbuntu (8.04)...

I can mount the shares in samba just fine like so:

sudo mount -t smbfs // /mnt/music -o rw
It doesn't recognize the hostname but the IP it does see, so thats how I mount it. So it mounts up fine, I can see the files using ls or in my file manager, but when I try to read one of the files, I get "File not found" errors. This is true for music files in Xine, video files in mplayer, and text files in nano from terminal.

Also the drive claims to support NFS, but I can't get it mounted at all, even after googling for hours for some specific fixes for NFS on this drive...

Anyone know what the problem is with samba? Or maybe a way to get mounted with NFS?

Any help would be much appreciated this is really putting a damper on my HTPC plans