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Thread: Internet Traffic?

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    Internet Traffic?

    hi Ubuntu users,

    am new to Ubuntu.can any one tell me how to measure the internet traffic i used.

    i can use 1GB of traffic per week in my hostel ,if i cross more than 1GB my internet connection will be blocked

    present using ifconfig -a to measure, but when i reboot, counter is setting to 0.

    i want an application such that it count doesn't reset to zero on each reboot

    any ideas?

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    Re: Internet Traffic?

    I was surprised how hard it was to find such a thing. Most of the search results I got pulled up complicated network monitors intended for network administrators.

    You might try vnstat.

    Install with:
    sudo apt-get install vnstat
    Then initialize the database:
    sudo vnstat -u -i eth0
    Change eth0 in that command to the name of your network interface.

    I haven't used this program much so I don't know all the details, but these commands seem useful:
    vnstat --> Shows today's usage.
    vnstat -d -->Breaks down stats by day.
    vnstat -w -->Breaks down stats by week. Probably the one you want for your situation.
    vnstat -m -->Shows stats by month.
    sudo vnstat -u --> Force an updates of the database.

    The vnstat homepage has more info here:

    Hope that helps. It doesn't seem right for the hostel to impose that policy and not give you an easy way to check your usage.


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