I hope that a fresh new install will help some, I think I have gone through about 5 of them at this point. This is my first foray into linux and I´m trying to learn how to do things by the seat of my pants so needless to say I am alternately breaking things and making them work. I do want to mention that in xubuntu there is no tray icon for wicd. there is apparently a way to get it up there but the only instructions I found to do so, require you use the command line and were for an earlier version, I have no idea how to adapt them for the current version, if I figure it out I will post though. I just wanted to let you know that not having the icon doesn´t mean it isn´t working, it seems to still run in the background even without it displaying. I wish I had some fresh ideas for you to try, but I hope the moral support is at least a help. I will mention that it took me 15 days of trying to do things I didn´t understand to get the wireless working, and I would recommend that you download the graphical interface for ndiswrapper, that was a big help for me, I tried to use it in the command line with very little success. I´m keeping my fingers crossed for you, it´s a challenge but for me at least it was worth it.