I can't say that I have tried it all, because if I had, it would probably be fixed, but I have searched and, apparently,
no one has the exact version that I do.
I have followed a well laid-out instruction to set up in Terminal.
I have totally flushed my Xubuntu and reloaded after getting only one response on my last plea for help.

see my post: Noob F5D7000 installation woes

I don't know what to do.
I really want to get into Linux via Xubuntu and possibly dump my Vista from my laptop and use Ubuntu,
but without wireless, that will never happen.

Here's what I am seeing:
My Belkin F5D7000 version 6000 is recognized by the system.
My SSID is recognized by my wireless card.
I have no security set up on my router to make it "easy".
In the top right hand corner I have an X through my connection.
When I right click there, it shows my SSID with a selection circle next to it.
When I click it - I get a "working" motion icon, then back to the no connection icon.

I would appreciate some help. I will not give up on this, and use Bill's crap forever,
but without help, it will take me a lot longer than the few WEEKS I have needlessly
wasted on trying to get this wireless card up and connected.

BTW I am at work, doing this from memory, so I can't give you any Terminal command lists,
but ask anyway and I will get them for you when I get home.
Thanks in advance for your help.