I have Ubuntu 8.04 installed on my Toshiba Satellite laptop. It works almost perfectly.

10% of the time, everything works. The other 90% of the time these problems occur:

A) Touchpad works fine, but USB mouse reacts VERY slowly.
B) USB drives are not recognized upon insertion
C) Printing to my Brother MFC-210C printer is VERY slow
D) Audio and Video on the internet cannot be played due to “Invalid Stream”

This “choice” seems to be made upon booting up. And it all occurs together. It all works or none of it does. What could be affecting all of these things and apparently nothing else? I don’t know of anything I’m doing different. There is no difference if I shut down, hibernate, or suspend the system.

Any help or advice anyone can offer? Is there anymore info I can give you that would help?