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Thread: New router -> network disappeared

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    New router -> network disappeared


    I have just replaced my old router, preserving the LAN settings as much as possible. (Only the SSID changed).

    Now I can't browse the network with "places -> network". It is empty. 2 PCs under Gutsy have this behavior. Yet, I can ping the other two (Windows) PCs on my LAN, or browse them with their IP or "places -> connect to server". Same for the two NAS that are also on the LAN.

    But I'd so much prefer direct browsing like before!

    I think I remember that this was done by configuring "shared folders" (in particular, with the "workgroup" name). The config is still here, but maybe it should be reset? I don't know how.

    TIA for any help - regards, Daniel

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    Re: New router -> network disappeared

    Well... little progress...

    An address like


    works in Nautilus, allowing me to join the PC that has IP 192.168.0.X.

    Still trying to retrieve full network browsing...


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