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Thread: [SOLVED] Mirroring Hardy from a Redhat/CentOS server

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    [SOLVED] Mirroring Hardy from a Redhat/CentOS server

    I am trying to build a remote install server that offers as many different distros of linux as possible. I have CentOS and Fedora working wonderfully with a dynamic CGI script that builds my kickstart based on certain parameters. Ubuntu's kickseed project is working swell with the alternate CD. I am having trouble adding software to my installation directory though. What I have done so far:

    downloaded the i386 alternate CD.
    mounted the CD and copied all the contents into a directory in /var/www/html
    copied the correct files into my /tftpboot/pxelinux.cfg directory
    copied an example preseed and kickseed (kickstart) script from online tutorials and tested them.

    I am able to install a basic system with a few toys like openssh-server and apache2. However, the alternate CD does not have other software like 'mysql' and some php packages I would want to complete a LAMP server install.

    How would I go about mirroring an entire Hardy dist with out mirroring the entire archive, and hopefully with out having to use tools like apt-mirror?

    Also, at one point, I would like to have the openssl bugs fixed before first boot, whether done in a post install script, or by updating the package in my installation repository. But that I think I can do on my own with what I learn from getting the other part done first.

    -Kai Meyer

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    Re: Mirroring Hardy from a Redhat/CentOS server

    Problem solved by finding a DVD to download, and unpackaging it in a web accessable location.


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