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Thread: Slow install.

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    Unhappy Slow install.

    Heya folks.
    I'm trying to install Hardy (from cd) on an old
    Gateway Solo 9300

    Been a couple of hours and I get the pretty Heron desktop, but that is about it. The DVD ROM is chugging away (ok, its a 4x maybe I need to be more patient), but I'm getting nowhere.

    Do I just need to wait a couple o' more hours, or am I doing something wrong?

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    Re: Slow install.

    From the specs, it will likely install; however, Hardy will run slow. If you want your system to run faster, check into xubuntu and fluxbox. Also you could install icewm from the repositories.
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    Re: Slow install.

    Install Xubuntu using Alternate Install.

    I have installed it on a equivalently slow Pc.

    Also Waiting will do no good, it will not change from what I think. You can also temporarily add a faster hard disk for installation.

    Read this : Brand New Xubuntu on Damn Old Notebook

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