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Thread: Dell XPS M1530

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    Dell XPS M1530

    Guys, I've seen a few older topics on this laptop. I just received mine a couple days ago. I had no option but to get it with Vista which I really want no part of.

    I was excited to try Ubuntu on it (which I dual boot on my PC) and set up a LiveCD to test it out.

    The CD launches, the Ubuntu logo appears with progress bar. I then get a second progress bar screen and then that goes away for a moment and I get a cursor in the upper left of the screen. Then the display goes black and I never see or hear from Ubuntu again. I then have to shutdown the laptop.

    I've already uninstalled the Media program that others complain about. I have no use for it. My main hope would be to dual boot Ubuntu on the laptop giving it say 30GB of space which should be plenty for my use.

    Ideas of where I should start looking to fix this issue? Other posts mention 7.x where this is 8.04.

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    Re: Dell XPS M1530

    64-bit Ubuntu 8.04 works great on my XPS M1530.

    It might depend on what hardware config you have. Mine is listed on the page linked to above.
    Ubuntu 12.04

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    Re: Dell XPS M1530

    Thanks Jesper. I didn't even realize I had the option of a 64-bit OS. I thought you needed the AMD's for that.

    Looks like you also solved most of the other problems that concerned me.

    I see there's a D: partition on the system for recovery. Any insight on how to go about wiping that out? I really don't care about recovering Vista and would like the 10GB back for use with Ubuntu as a dual-boot scenario. Since I have just the 160GB drive I need as much back as possible.

    So I guess I should:

    1. Wipe out the recovery data.

    2. Resize the D: using say, Partition Magic, to borrow a bit more from the C: partition.

    3. Install Ubuntu onto the second drive and go.


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