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Thread: Problem after latest kernel updates

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    Question Problem after latest kernel updates

    Hello, I'm having weird issue with my (X)Ubuntu box, after downloading new kernel updates version 2.6.24-18 and 2.6.24-19 I have notice that something is not right with the bootsplash. To be more specific now my bootsplash is showing at the boot up process for like 4 seconds then I get text message "reading files needed to boot" and then the boot process in text mode show up after that it normally boot to GDM. Before I had bootsplash for all the time of the boot process, I tried to look up on my /boot/grub/menu.lst but nothing has changed to my knowledge I also tried to ran Start-UP manager from the Ubuntu menu but the settings seams to be like there was before. I'm attaching my menu.lst file. I can provide any other info if needed. It's not a big problem but would like to know why it happened or it's normal in the new kernels and how to eventually get it to the old stage?

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