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Thread: Problem with booting

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    Problem with booting

    Kind regards to all of you!

    I have a peculiar problem; when going to the bios and putting "boot from primary CD", it boots only with Ubuntu CDs, but it doesn't with Windows CDs. I tested the disks and they seem to be perfect, they load in windows and Ubuntu reads them. I need to format windows because i have this huge problem with virus, and I can't find a way because it boots only Ubuntu disks but not win cds.

    I had problems with partitions, I needed to use testdisk to rescue "grub", and besides all that, my windows is not installed in C: but in I:, which a friend told me could be a big time problem...

    I appreciate if any had any help, even the smallest...

    Thank you very much!

    Kindest regards from Venezuela, South America!

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    Re: Problem with booting

    Venezuela, a sea of oil . . .

    You sure the windows CD is bootable? Try it in another computer.


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