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Thread: Drivers and running Windows application?

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    Drivers and running Windows application?

    Hello, I'm new to Ubuntu, and since I can't get it to run by the Live CD, I'm downloading the alternate version. I'd like to know if it installs drivers automatically, and my wireless driver. Does it install driver?

    And, some application does not work in Linux right, so how do I make them run? I heard there's a thing called WINE, is it that?

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    Re: Drivers and running Windows application?

    HH installs default driver automatically, but if u have ur own driver then better use that spesific driver. N for the wireless, maybe u could search what should u do to make it work. i am pretty sure there are many people ask this question too on this forum.

    Yeah, u got it. for some application that u can't find the linux version of the application, u can use WINE too. It can help u too install some app that u want.


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