Firefox is a wonderful browser but version 3 has a few annoying quirks. things like it locking up and the fact that many of the plugins are not longer compatible with it. On top of that Firefox's license is slowly becoming more restrictive with each release. So i have gone in search of a better more free alternative.
I tried epiphany but it seemed really limited and i didn't like the interface for it. Then I found Icecat. It installs very simply from a script and then you just need to make a launcher for it.
What's so great about it? well first of all it looks identical to FF. that is a big help for me because i like FF's interface. second many of the plugins for FF2 are compatible with it. third it is completely Free Software.
Limitations: you can't just install plugins for adobe flash and such. I don't find that a problem because I use unplug to just download and watch flash videos. I also haven't really found a way to install themes.

If you would like a good FF alternative look no further.