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Thread: cdrom won't open... let alone work

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    cdrom won't open... let alone work

    this has been a problem for a while... my cdrom won't open at all.

    i tried opening it manually through the terminal and this is what i got....

    cole@colejenkins:~$ eject
    eject: tried to use `/dev/scd0' as device name but it is no block device
    eject: unable to find or open device for: `cdrom'
    any ideas?
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    Re: cdrom won't open... let alone work

    Sounds like your drive wasn't detected properly. Post the output of the following command.
    ls -l /dev/scd*
    sudo lshw
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    Re: cdrom won't open... let alone work

    I am having a similar problem on my laptop. The cdrom does not display in /dev and will not mount or be recognized.

    I am running feisty on the laptop. It used to work; I don't know when it stopped.

    From other reading, I am told this is an error in the GRUB loader. Any other suggestions?
    S-Ubuntu 10.04

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