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Thread: BCM43 Injection

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    BCM43 Injection

    Hi guys,

    Im on ubuntu 8.04. i was wondering if there is a way that i can use either the bcm43xx-injection-linux-2.6.20.patch or bcm43xx-injection-linux-2.6.22-V2.patch. would these patches still work even if im on 2.6.24? or would i have to downgrade kernels.


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    Re: BCM43 Injection

    With kernel patches, I just apply them and see what the fuzz factor is. If it's low, and the driver hasn't changed since those versions, cross your fingers; it's usually safe.

    This, however, is general advice. The last thing I did this for was the SquashFS patch. Wireless drivers might be a different matter.
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