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Thread: ZenWalk 5.2 is Released!

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    ZenWalk 5.2 is Released!

    The long awaited Zenwalk 5.2 is now available.

    In the 4 months since the last release many enhancements have been made. The Zenwalk GNU/Linux OS brings to its users both the latest stable software, a well polished Desktop and an ever-increasing software repository.

    What's new or improved in Zenwalk 5.2?

    The Zenwalk 5.2 release includes nearly 500 changes to software packages including a broad sweeping number of updated software, bug fixes and enhanced replacements for some software. Notable updates include the Linux kernel version and the Xfce Desktop 4.4.2...............

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    Re: ZenWalk 5.2 is Released!

    Is it decent? I tried 5.0, but it would always give me an install error with the regular CD (not being able to fetch packages or something). I managed to get 5.0 installed through ZenLive 5.0 but Lilo would always mess up, upgrading from a snapshot repo broke stuff, and installing a nvidia driver broke evene more stuff.

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    Re: ZenWalk 5.2 is Released!

    It was kind of scary on the mailing lists. A bug popped up two hours before the release, but it's squashed now and 5.2 is online.


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