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Thread: Webcam or Camorama problems?!?

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    Webcam or Camorama problems?!?


    I'm a bit of an ubuntu novice and I'm having trouble getting my webcam - Logitech QuickCam Communicate stx - to work.

    According to

    my camera should work. I've installed Camorama but when I open it starts capturing video from my tv tuner.

    I also tried to install easycam suggested at
    but I get an error stating "No camera, or no compatible camera found."

    I'm a little lost if it's the camera or if I need to configure camorama somehow.

    Any suggestions will be of great assistance.


    lsusb outputs (among other things)
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    Re: Webcam or Camorama problems?!?

    I'm having the same problem. I couldn't get my webcam to work on Hardy or Gutsy. I have a ThinkPad T43p using ATI>

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    Re: Webcam or Camorama problems?!?

    I'm also using an ATI card. Anyone have any ideas????


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