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Thread: Laptop purchase (model recommendations)

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    Laptop purchase (model recommendations)

    I am about to buy myself a new laptop and I am totally lost in the never ending jungle of computers and offers and so on. What I am looking for is a laptop with about a 15"-17" screen, at least 2gb RAM (preferably 4gb), a minimum of 150gb hard drive, dual core processor (or other similar solution) and a good battery time of at least 4hrs. I am not going to use it for playing games very much but I will be using it for a lot of photoshop work. I also want it to be compatible with ubuntu without too much truble.
    Is there any good laptop that meets these standards that you could recommend? The cheaper the better as long as it meets these specifications.

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    Re: Laptop purchase (model recommendations)

    I just picked up a Lenovo T61. Absolutely love this laptop. It is extremely durable, has the T9300 (45nm dual core) and I get around 4 hours battery life at the desktop, slightly under if I'm browsing the internet. I paid just over $900 for the laptop itself.

    If you get one with Suse linux, it is actually cheaper. I dropped Ubuntu on it and everything works without changing anything.
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