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Thread: What's your favorite song?

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    Smile What's your favorite song?

    What's your favorite song?

    I've just been paid and I'm looking to enlarge my music library!

    A few conditions:
    - Song name - Artist name <--- Template
    - No more than 5 songs per post.
    - Try not to post already posted songs.
    - SUPER-POPULAR-STUFF is NOT allowed. (Rihana n' stuff)
    - Try to keep it in English! ( Not really necessary)
    - If you like someone's songs thank him.
    - THIS icon is NOT allowed.

    I'll start:
    1- The Blower's Daughter - Damien Rice
    2- Hallelujah - Rufus Wainwright
    3- Say it to me now - Glen Hansard
    4- Rylynn - Andy Mckee
    5- Amie - Damien Rice

    So go on! Share and discover.
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    Re: What's your favorite song?

    * (from the album Somewhere In The Inbetween) - Streetlight Manifesto
    (yes, that is a wildcard Somewhere In The Inbetween is an incredibly awesome album... the pinnacle third-wave ska: musical, energetic, funky. My favorite tracks on the album are "One Foot on the Gas, One Foot in the Grave", "The Receiving End of it All", "Forty Days", "We Will Fall Together", basically just the whole album )

    Only For the Weak - In Flames
    Completely different genre altogether

    The Glass Prison - Dream Theater

    The Blues Brothers Soundtrack

    A Change of Seasons - Dream Theater
    (Its a 23 minute song. I prefer the newer 1995 recording, not that the older one is easy to find. Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence is also an epic Dream Theater song which this time is about 42 minutes long ... well, its an album named Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence and the whole of the second CD is the song named Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence)
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