I'm looking for a budget phone that I might find on Craig's List or ebay, that can be activated on Boost Mobile.
I might use THIS service or keep trying with Boost CS.

I use Kubuntu Linux, now in version 10.04.3 "Lucid Lynx" LTS (long term support) so BlackBerry is OUT. There seems to be NO WAY to put Desktop Manager on Linux.

I'd want QR codes/OCR optical character recognition, GPS... Preferably BREW or J2ME instead of a payed application store.

A few goodies but not top o' the line. Obviously disabling NAI would be most helpful.

I thought of the Palm Pre as it's said to be Linux based but according to the info in the link above, it won't go on Boost.

I did fine with a Boost iDEN phone /dev/ttyACM0 but now am out of range of the iDEN tower and need a Sprint roaming handset on Boost for $0.35 per day.

More later.

Many thanks