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Thread: Horrible Problem. Need Pc Genius.

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    Re: Horrible Problem. Need Pc Genius.

    Quote Originally Posted by beanhead View Post
    Is there a thread with just vista related problems? Has any one taken pictures of a vista box burning? Has anyone made a movie or slide show of mad vista users? Thanks
    Vista Problems have a real simple solution, Ubuntu. Check Youtube for the video.

    Loadedbum, System>Administration>Partition Editor, On the live CD, use the partition editor first to set up your Partitions, You can just shrink your Vista Partition, then install Ubuntu to the free partition.That will give you back Grub so that you will be able to boot into Vista as needed untill you learn to use Ubuntu. Once you get used to how things are done in Ubuntu, you'll find Windows is the one that does things the hard way.

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    Re: Horrible Problem. Need Pc Genius.

    There are a lot of problems with Vista and other O/S's shrinking its partition. I recommend you find the Vista CD and fixmbr as I stated previously. But then again I avoid all this crap by just using Ubuntu for my base installation and I run anything else in a virtualbox. Enough of this "dual boot" crap.

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    Re: Horrible Problem. Need Pc Genius.

    this guy is obviously in need of some help.
    maybe its just me, but why not just wipe the drive and start again?
    you can get gparted as a live cd off of
    it is a must have tool. use it to reformat your hard drive.
    start clean. install whatever os you want but something brought you here in the first place-
    you are in the ubuntu forums- go crazy and install 8.04
    and no- there is really nothing that you cant do with linux.
    if you are into gaming, then well dual boot with windows, or do a virtual machine like the man suggested.
    i keep a box running xp pro (no need to comment) only because i like my 24 bit sound. anyway i digress.
    just wipe the bad boy clean and start again, dude. relax,
    its easy. no genius needed.
    good luck

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    Re: Horrible Problem. Need Pc Genius.

    I don't know if this was solved or not. If not, download the supergrub CD and reinstall grub. This will not install ubuntu or anything like that, grub is only a boot manager and can be used with windows alone. Now you'll be able to boot to windows again...
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