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Thread: [SOLVED] yaboot.conf oops

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    Re: yaboot.conf oops

    i fixed my computer this morning!

    when i had edited my yaboot.conf i had made a .bak copy but i also just commented out my original file and put new stuff in on top.

    i have no idea why, but booting from the ubuntu server cd and using rescue option, then entering the busybox shell it would not let me mount my partitions.
    what i ended up doing was just pressing enter and going into the normal installation mode. hitting escape to take me to the main installation menu and then detecting/mounting my cdrom from the options in the menu.
    i then selected execute a shell from the main menu when that was finished. note that i couldnt get access to my partitions without first using the detect cdrom option first..

    from this shell i was able to mount my root partition on /dev/hda3
    i edited my yaboot.conf to its original form
    chrooted in but couldnt run the ybin -v -C /etc/yaboot.conf because my boot partition (hda2) and proc file system were not mounted.

    i wasnt sure how to mount those so that the ybin command could do its thing, so instead i exited chroot back to the busybox shell and mounted hda2

    from there i edited the yaboot.conf in that partition back to its original form and saved. exited the shell and selected abort installation. the computer reboots, loads x and here i am on my newly fixed laptop writing this message.

    i'm so happy that i didnt have to do a reinstall!
    hope this may help anyone who accidentally screws up their yaboot.conf and needs to get things back running again. it only took me 4 days to figure out.

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    Re: [SOLVED] yaboot.conf oops


    I know that jaw-dropping feeling - one of two things happen: I either stand up like a rocket, or push the chair back when my mind is blown.

    The best part is you have the confidence to optimize the system and restore it if things go wrong.
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