I'm new to Ubuntu. I started out exploring Linux 2 months ago. I started off with Kubuntu 11.10 and absolutely loved it. But then there was this problem that it will not be supported after April 2013 so I thought, lets grab the newest version and I got Kubuntu 12.10. It was good but there was something appealing in 11.10 which was missing in 12.10 (maybe the wallpaper could have been better). Dunno. But it made me try out other Linux distros as well.
I list them here (same order as they are present on my Windows laptop) and not go into my journey through each of them- Fedora 17 Live Robotics, tails 0.14, Backtrack 5 R3, Linux Mint 14 and Tiny Core Current.
Finally, I got Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and while it wasn't as intuitive as Kubuntu (either distro) was, it was working well for me (after I got past the learning curve of interface and tolerating curve of the Launcher).
It is currently installed on my desktop and the first to be so. Maybe the LTS status helped it achieve this but it is working fine and I'm pretty happy with it.
So happy that now I'm showing off a bit of Ubuntu to everyone in my college (using Virtually installed machine) and they want it.