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Thread: VMware & sharing physical NTFS partitions

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    VMware & sharing physical NTFS partitions

    Yeah, so i just installed VMware even though my system is already dual booting Hardy and Winxp. Just testing it out to see if i can live with a full linux install and virtual xp. Anyway, i'm trying to access my other ntfs drives through vmware, but haven't got a clue to be honest. Do i have to install/setup samba? Even though the drives are ntfs?

    I didn't see any options in vmware for sharing physical drives. Which kind of renders it useless. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: VMware & sharing physical NTFS partitions

    Yes, install Samba in Ubuntu and then in the Win VM set a drive as shared.

    You can start by using Nautilus to share a folder or more in Ubuntu that you will be able to see in Windows, thourhg your Network, or My Network.

    Lots to learn here but it's all worth it. Lots better than dual-booting. Notice my signature below.
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