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Thread: power supply usage

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    power supply usage

    I have a very power consuming PC that was originally intended for games. Now I use it for documents and web surfing (if that) but more importantly as a personal web server. So needless to say, if i run it 24 hours a day i am wasting alot of electricity on things like the graphics card.

    If I take our the large graphics card (6800 GT) and just use the on board card, take out 2 of the 4 hard drives, take out 1 of the 2 cd roms - does that mean my power supply would be using less kWh?

    My power supply is 450w and when using a meter I see that I am using 400 Whs. So does this mean that in order to achieve a smaller energy footprint I would also need to place into the machine a smaller power supply? And if thats the case, how would I best determine the demand of my CPU and motherboard.

    I imagine the hard drives and cd roms have energy usage listed.

    In my area, that 400 wHs amounts to about $7 a month. Id like to reduce that by half so our goal here is about 225 watts

    Thanks for your input.

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    Re: power supply usage

    I have an old PIII, 500 MHz machine that I use with Linux Mint 4 (Gutsy-based). It uses about 67 watts in use and 33 watts in standby. I have a newer Pentium D, 3 GHz (dual core) that uses 120 watts and only 4 watts in standby. And that's with a WD Raptor drive and on-board Intel graphics.

    Newer power supplies are ~90% efficient. Older ones are 70% efficient. So changing power supplies to a newer/smaller one could help.

    There are low-end pcs ("green" pcs) with Via chipsets that use 12-20 watts. That's half of what a laptop uses!

    I would either find an old PC (atticware) and set it up as a server for 24-7 operation or get a new low-power pc. The electric costs will pay for itself in 2-3 years.

    Then I would keep the gaming rig and set it up with proper standby and only power it up when you use it. On my machine, I can go in and out of standby in ~6 seconds.

    Hibernate takes nearly as long as cold boot so hibernate is worthless on a desktop.

    Servers are handy but they have a significant cost when running 24-7.
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