What I have: Toshiba Sattelite p105-S9337, Hefty Heron/Vista dual boot. Mainly use the Heron. I also have a lynksys router.and an Intel Pro/Wireless 3495 ABG wireless adapter. After reading and studying the forums, I am quite confused. I can get it to log into the wireless as follows: unsecured, all the time, Secured...well, maybe if it feels like it. My question is:

1. How can I make it log in at boot all the time, on the secured system. I kind of get it, but I think I have read too much and confused myself, although I am not brand new with Linux, I am 2 days old with Ubuntu. I know it can be done from the command line, but am a little confused as to how this goes. I know just enough about using the terminal to be dangerous.

Thank you and if it is easier, feel free to email.