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Thread: My NetworkManager is broken!

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    My NetworkManager is broken!

    Hi all, sorry in advance for a long posting.

    I have Ubuntu 7.10. I recently installed Wicd to give it a try, but it uninstalled the gnome network manager. I couldn't make Wicd work, so I went back uninstalled it and reinstalled the network manager.

    Here was where everything started. During the installation of networkmanager, the synaptic found a problem restarting the networkmanager service (that was what it said) and finished the reinstallation.However, the network manager was apparently installed properly. I could configure my wired connection and it worked.

    However, something is now badly broken. First, synaptic doesn't work anymore. When I start it, I got this message "dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem". If I do that, dpkg tries to continue the installation of NetworkManager and hangs the whole machine up so I must reset it!

    But this is not all. My machine now behaves erratically: Firefox is now really slow and sometimes hangs; sometimes I got an error with the gnome theme manager; sometimes I can't connect to the network and need to restart the machie, and a long etcetera.

    I would appreciate any suggestion on how fix either the network manager or synaptic. Thanks in advance.
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