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Thread: Wvdial on Base System of Debian

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    Question Wvdial on Base System of Debian

    Hello, I just installed the base system for Debian.

    I need to know how to install wvdial on it I do not have an Ethernet connection, it is a usb modem and I use wvdial on Ubuntu.

    Is there a way to install wvdial onto the Debian system with the Ubuntu cd with apt-get? so it can get all the dependencies?

    Debian base system is just command line and has like almost no packages, but I need internet so thanks for the help in advance
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    Re: Wvdial on Base System of Debian

    You can probably use
    sudo apt-cdrom add
    It might not work out too well. If it tries to install a new libc or kernel or other major stuff, you're better off installing the packages by hand
    sudo dpkg -i /path/to/package.deb
    If you have access to a fast connection, you could get just about all the debian packages on CDs.
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