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Thread: xmms2 and SP/DIF

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    xmms2 and SP/DIF

    I've upgraded a while back to 8.04, and I found that xmms is no longer supported.
    So, now I am trying to get the xmms2 to work.
    The problem I'm facing is this:
    I could always swap very easily from my analogue pc-speakers (hw0,0) to my digital surround speakers on SPDIF (hw0,2).
    VLC is still supporting this, so all is installed correctly.

    With xmms2d I cannot find the correct options that I need to put in xmms2.conf to get this done, it only seems to support my analogue (formerly hw0,0) option.

    Since I'm using Nforce2, I have tried this one:
    but this does more bad than good to my system, as it kills all other audio.

    So, basically I'm searching for the right code to put here (xmms2.conf)
    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <xmms version="2">
    	<section name="alsa">
    		<property name="device">default</property>
    		<property name="mixer">PCM</property>
    		<property name="mixer_dev">default</property>
    Any help would greatly be appreciated !
    Last edited by Evil Dax; June 4th, 2008 at 10:49 PM. Reason: hw0,1 was actually hw0,0

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    Re: xmms2 and SP/DIF


    Nobody ?

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