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Thread: Optimizing system performance

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    Re: Optimizing system performance

    I downloaded htop, and everything looked fine. only 8 or 9% of my cpu was being used. But as soon as I open firefox or openoffice or anything the program on the top jumps up to 100%. This is when I get choppiness. I have no idea what that program is. Can anyone tell me what it is? edit: I attached a screenshot.

    thanks for all the help

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    Re: Optimizing system performance

    Tracker uses a lot of cpu when you use any app that uses the file system It does nothing for me so I turned it off.

    You can go to System/Adminstration/Services and turn off all the stuff you don't use like Palm and bluetooth and braille and tracker, etc. You can also use Boot Up Manager (bum) to stop a lot of extraneous stuff from loading at boot. bum is in the repository.

    If you have your desktop set to transparent and are running atlantis or gears or something in the cube, that will use a lot of your cpu all the time.

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