We are economics students in Université Saint-Joseph doing research on the competition between Linux and Windows. On research focuses on the sever market (we do address the home PC market too but we stress on the sever market) and we try to address in the latter part of our research the Lebanese markets specifically.
So, we are in the process of scouting out all Lebanese Linux groups and communities in order to gather information.
We would like to ask the members of your team the following questions:

As the Lebanon Ubuntu Team Users Group:

- How many members do you have? (active, inactive etc…)
- How did your group start?
- What are the groups achievements since its creation?
- What are your short term, medium term and long term goals?
- What have you done to help Ubuntu gain ground on Windows in Lebanon (especially in the server market)?
- Have you helped companies and/or organisations to integrate Ubuntu in their operations?
- In your opinion, can the open source software movement defeat (or severely cripple) Microsoft in the marketplace?
- Why should OSS ever displace traditional software?
- Do you have any other information you can help us with regarding the use of Linux for servers in Lebanon?

* Anyone who has a testimonial or any sort of information that will do us good, please don't hesitate to post.
* This research is for our thesis (memoire de license), so credit will be given to all valuable contributions.

Jad Yammine
Fadi Assouad