Hi all,

I have been running ubuntu 7.10 off an external USB drive for the past 6 months or so, and am finally sick of lugging the thing around with me whenever I want to boot into linux. At this point I want to wipe my internal drive and start from scratch with a dual-boot system running ubuntu and XP.

My internal drive is 80GB and at this point a vast amount of it is consumed by music, videos, etc. so my question is: Can I create 3 partitions, one for ubuntu and one for XP (each around 10GB), and then one that holds all the media files that I can mount in which ever OS I happen to be using.


Is there a better way to accomplish this "file-sharing" setup since all I really want is to be able to play music in each OS without having duplicates (my harddrive couldn't fit it all twice anyway).

I have never really done any partitioning before so my question may have an obvious answer. In any case I appreciate any input you might have.