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Thread: [SOLVED] kubuntu alternate cd

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    [SOLVED] kubuntu alternate cd

    Okay, maybe I'm stupid but ...

    I can't find the Kubuntu Hardy alternate CD on

    Because I'm on dialup, I get a friend to download and burn install CDs for me. I've already installed Ubuntu Hardy from the live CD, and now I want to install KDE and some of its programs from the Kubuntu CD. Among other reasons for this: there's no easy way to configure dialup in Ubuntu, whereas KPPP is a breeze.

    As I understand it, I have to use the alternate CD, not the live CD. But I can't find the alternate CD!

    I hate having to ask him to burn something else for me, but I will if I have to--if I can find where the Kubuntu alternate CD is available.

    Can somebody please point me to the right URL?

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    Re: kubuntu alternate cd

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