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Thread: WiFi problems

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    Angry WiFi problems

    Hello Everybody,

    I have an Acer Travelmate 2310 with Ubuntu 8.04 installed. I am having some trouble with my wireless. My notebook has an inbuilt Atheros wifi card. When I installed Ubuntu for the first time, everything worked well and Ubuntu automatically installed some restricted modules for running the Atheros wifi.

    My notebook has a small button in the front which can be used for switching the wifi on and off. The problem I have been running into ever since I was using Ubuntu Fiesty (7.04), was that every time, I accidentally pressed that button, the Wifi would switch off and hitting it again would not switch the wifi back on. The only way to get the wifi working again was to re-start the computer.

    I then disabled the restricted drivers and tried NDISwrapper with a WinXp driver which worked great the first time. However, with NDISwrapper, I had to go click on the preferred network each time, I started my notebook. Sometimes, I had to click almost 5 times to log on to my preferred Wifi network. I finally got fed up of this arrangement and so removed the Windows driver and installed MadWifi.

    While MadWifi works ok, I have to re-install it often every time there is a Kernel update. I would now like to revert back to my original Ubuntu restricted modules. When I fire up synaptic and search for Linux restricted modules, I find many many Linux restricted Modules and am not sure which one to install.

    Any help from your guys will be truly appreciated.

    Also does anyone know on how to get the front WiFi button working properly in Acer Travelmate 2310?

    Thanks a lot.


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    [Solved] Re: WiFi problems

    I reinstalled Ubuntu 8.04 after formatting my drive and everything works like before now. Though sometimes, my wifi does get disconnected and tries to re-connect.


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