Has anyone had any luck installing the HD firmware upgrade below? The file is FWSH20.iso.


I mounted the image within Linux but could still not see any files, nor could I open them within Windows. The format of the image is such that it cannot be viewed, thus it cannot be copied to a USB stick with 'cp' command or otherwise.

Any ideas?
Okay... I looked into this / thought about it some more. I'm sure it's possible, but it may require parsing the CD-ROM binary data (which follows the El Torito Specification and extracting the files manually.

A software engineer named Michael Kennett seems to have written a program to do something like this, and talks about it on his blog here. However, his webserver that held the program seems to be down, now. I've e-mailed him... we'll see if he responds.

It's not clear how much work it would take to make this work... Why (if you don't mind me asking) are you interested in the hard drive firmware update utility? What's it do? From the Lenovo page, it looks like it's mostly applicable for Vista users...