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Thread: 'Shred'ing my hard drive

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    'Shred'ing my hard drive

    I'm about to sell my old computer and I wanted to wipe the drive clean so that none of my private data could be retrieved by the buyer. To do this I use the 'shred' command on my hard drive after booting up into a LiveCD. Is this correct? Is there a better way to do this?

    Thanks for the help.

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    Re: 'Shred'ing my hard drive

    Try using wipe.

    Check this out

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    Re: 'Shred'ing my hard drive

    Perform a low level format using the utility that your hard disk manufacturer provides.
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    Re: 'Shred'ing my hard drive

    You can use that software or use the following command:

    shred -vfz -n ? (drive)
    Were the "?" is, put the number of times you wan to shred the drive, then for were "(drive)" is, put the drive that you want to shred. Once your done, do whatever you want with it. I think that this method is more effective since you can control what is done to your drive and have immediate results.

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    Re: 'Shred'ing my hard drive

    There is also Dban.
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