I've got dual monitors running fine with the NVIDIA driver on Hardy. Recently converted to straight Gnome Ubuntu from XFCE Xubuntu and am still adjusting to the differences.

1) Is there a way to extend the GDM theme across both monitors, or is this a function of the theme design? (I looked in the options panel and didn't see anything that applied.)

2) Is there a way to move a window from one screen to the other in either the workspace switcher applet or the taskbar application context menu? If something appears behind a window running full screen on a monitor, it would be nice to be able to somehow grab it without having to minimize that window (and remaximizing it).

3) Is it possible to have the same desktop background running on each monitor? The closest option in the control panel seems to be to stretch the same image across both desktops, or to tile the image (which looks really stupid if your image is a photo of something).