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Thread: [SOLVED] kde, gnome and ubunutu

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    Question [SOLVED] kde, gnome and ubunutu

    what is the difference between KDE, GNome and ubuntu - are all these different operating systems (part of linux)?

    Which one/s are better i.e. Gnome etc?

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    Re: kde, gnome and ubunutu

    gnome and kde are desktop environments that sit on top of ubuntu. by default, ubuntu uses gnome. kubuntu is a variation of ubuntu that uses kde instead of gnome. the other popular desktop environment is xfce which is more lightweight and is represented by the xubuntu version

    have a look at, and for a quick glance at what you can get them to look like (or go to their official websites for a deeper look). its usually best starting with gnome since its the default, but its not a big deal really

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    Smile Re: kde, gnome and ubunutu

    thanks thats answers my question


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