I got it working on my Acer Aspire 5715Z but still have one deal breaking problem. When I'm in my kitchen (on floor down from my AP) I get a weak signal (two bars) and transfers vary from speedy to full stop. However if I touch the screen as if I were to close the laptop lid, the connection might get faster. Also after a while connection to my AP will be lost and I won't be able to connect again. It finds the AP but just keeps asking for the password.

I might add that I have similar issues for both drivers (the one supplied in 9.04 and madwifi). I've also tried the 32-bit version of 9.04 but the problems persist.
I should say that in vista I have none of these problems so I'm not to far away from the AP. Allthough the problems seems to be linked to signal strenght.

Anyone got a tip on how this might be fixed?