I am very new to linux and I'm having trouble getting my wireless usb card to work (Airlink 101 super G). I have installed RutilT and almost have it working. It can see my network but for some reason it says the networks security is WEP when it is really WPA2. When I try to change the security in the profile to WPA2 I only get the option of choosing none or WEP. So how do I get it to let me connect to a WPA2 network?

I'm using Ubuntu 8.04 and RutilT version 0.16

I tried using ndiswrapper but failed miserably. my usb card has 2 drivers that are supposed to work together, so that might be why (once again I am very new so I probably did something wrong). I think I am much closer to getting RutilT to work so I would prefer using that.