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Thread: [SOLVED] database problem (postgresql): Can not connect to database

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    Angry [SOLVED] database problem (postgresql): Can not connect to database

    First of all specs:
    Ubuntu 8.04 LTS on Dell1501

    The problem:
    Constantly getting "Can not connect to database" whenever i switch user (using su) or whenever I do sudo <command>.

    I tried shutting both mysql and postgresql but I still get this error (and i made sure that the daemons for both are not started). I also stopped apache to make sure, but none of those resolved the issue. Additionally I had to update postgresql from 8.2 to 8.3. I checked the logs and this message does not appear there.

    I am at a lost... any help appreciated.

    So I managed to fix it and this was the problem proftpd (an ftp daemon that was install via gforge was wrongfully configured, actually I remember work around in order to install it) But yeah, after removing it, the error no longer happens. Sadly I removed apache, mysql, and postgresql, other sql, but I remembered to back up my config files and export mysql tables. So no biggie.
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