Hi, I'm wanting to install Ubuntu to a dedicated partition (instead of using a loopmounted partition) and I have no idea what to do, I'm a n00b to partitioning (but not to it's terminology for some reason). Here's what I basically do:-

1.Run Ubuntu in Live CD mode
2.Double-click the 'Install' icon
3.Choose all my settings
4.get to the partitioning section with no idea what to do.

I'm running Windows XP, and I don't want to delete that YET (my parents have documents and stuff they want to keep), but I'm wanting to re-install XP with a legitimate version (found out recently it wasn't real). I've got an 80 GB hard drive, and I'm wanting to use half of that for Windows, half of that for Ubuntu. I have no idea what to do, the wiki pages don't really help, and I don't have the time to search through pages and pages to find the solution.

Oh, and on other thing. When I'm setting up my timezone, I set it to London, but underneath that it says "BST (GMT +1:00)'. How do just set it to GMT?

Thanks in advance!!!