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Thread: Seeking laptop guidance

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    Seeking laptop guidance

    In the market for a laptop, preferably under $1000USD. I know there're a brazillion models to choose from, I don't care so much about brand but compatibility, out-of-the-box ease of configuration with ubuntu, and battery-life. I admit I've been looking MOSTLY at Dell but that's simply because I'm more familiar with their equipment. I intend to have two sepearate hard drives anyway, one with Vista (since I have to support it) and one with k/ubuntu. (might wanna see kubuntu)

    Will be used for email, web, YouTube etc, penetration testing of customer's networks, other security related applications, watching the occassional movie, listening to the occassional media file/CD etc. I don't want to spend weeks setting it up though. Not scared of it, just don't want to do it.

    Would like the wireless to work, I've seen the posts about making that happen and it seems that any intel chipset is my best option over anything Broadcom. True?

    I don't really NEED 3D superpowers I don't guess but I would like to see compiz or something in action for a change (won't work on my desktop, doesn't like my 2-monitor setup or my Radeon card I guess). I've seen posts in the forum claiming that the built-in Intel video on Dells for instance works just fine. True?

    Or should I spring for some NVidia chip?

    How is ubuntu with battery life? All of the laptops (even non-Dell) I've checked reviews on claim at least 3 hours with their standard battery, can I expect similar life running ubuntu?

    That's about it I guess. I don't care if I use a Touchpad or a plugged in mouse (as long as there's a place to PLUG it), don't care too much about 3D sound or anything like that.

    If you have a current make/model suggestion I'm certainly listening but my main questions are the ones above. Harware compat and how easy is it to setup.

    Thanks guys.

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    Re: Seeking laptop guidance

    I recommend to take a look here:

    The XPS M1330 is a very nice laptop, really sleek and professional looking. It's a little bit more expensive than the Inspiron series, but it's really nice. If you want to use Compiz, my suggestion is to use a Nvidia gpu.

    Hope you find a computer you like!


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