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Thread: What is the major difference of KDE and GNOME?

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    What is the major difference of KDE and GNOME?

    please explain it to my briefly coz I'm confused? its a big question in my mind.. I treid to search in the web but I think I'm still lacking the information I want to know...

    is KDE or GNOME versions?

    or KDE and GNOME doesn't matter as long as I have the OS installed and running?

    I want to hear something about it from people with huge experience in using Linux OS's

    please help me... THANKS!!!

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    Re: What is the major difference of KDE and GNOME?

    KDE and GNOME are different Desktop environments having different sets of applications and a different UI. You can install KDE on ubuntu by installing the kubuntu-desktop package and vice versa. If you are using Ubuntu, by default, you are using GNOME.
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    Re: What is the major difference of KDE and GNOME?

    KDE and GNOME are two Desktop Environments. They are really just preferences. When you hear kubuntu, xubuntu, and ubuntu they are the main three flavors of ubuntu, and they all come with a different desktop environment.
    ubuntu - gnome
    kubuntu - kde
    xubuntu - xfce

    There are hundreds of desktop environments out there, but its basically just the way your computer looks. They also come with different libraries and programs. But mainly its all prefrence which one you pick. If you are interested in one, you can try it out and then remove it if you dont like it. Also you dont have to have kubuntu installed to use KDE or xubuntu installted to use XFCE. They are in the package manager, so you can install it, and then when you are logging in there is a session button you can click to choose a different environment. After you test it, if you dont like it you can remove it from the package manager as well.

    Also, personally I like GNOME more then KDE. But I do know people who like KDE more then GNOME

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    Re: What is the major difference of KDE and GNOME?

    If you are just starting out with GNU/Linux, then Ubuntu is a better choice because most people on here use Ubuntu, so help comes faster and more documentation. After getting comfortable with Ubuntu, go ahead and try out Kubuntu.
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