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Thread: Problems with FireFox 3

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    Problems with FireFox 3

    I have just installed New Ubuntu 8.04 and have a few problems.

    The biggest problem is with Firefox 3. When I use it, it flashes on and off and runs slowly, making it impossible to use. I have never had this problem before on Firefox Windows, so is it the Linux installation or the Firefox ?

    Also when i have gone onto You Tube, it says that i need to install a plug in. The First one from Abode just freezes my computer, and the other two in the suggestions say they won't install automatically, just manually.

    Well the problem is that this is my first go at Linux and to do something manually at the moment is a bit over my head.

    Any suggestions please ?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Problems with FireFox 3


    You should read this regarding plugins installation for Firefox.

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    Re: Problems with FireFox 3

    For the flash plugin (and others) go to and follow the instructions for adding to repository.

    You can then install the package ubuntu-restricted-extras using synaptic Package Manager.

    There have been problems reported with Firefox 3 (don't forget that there will be another release candidate before its generally released) and with U.S. mirrors (I don't know where you are located.

    Possibly use Firefox 2 for now? (check synaptic)

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