okay, Im a dual boot. computer stats:
gigabyte k8u motherboard socket 754
AMD atholon 64 processor 2.2 ghz
visiontek ATI radeon x1300 512 mb AGP 8x video card.
1 gig ram.
MS XP pro and Ububntu.
19` samsung 906bw screen

xp was installed first (i recently converted to linux and dual boot- yea for me!) on my C drive (IDE) I installed ubuntu on my F drive (sata) anyway- the marvelous 6.0 version of linux configured the grub/dual boot menu for me! such wonders i had not expected

I then upgrade using some code in the Alt+F2 command to 8.06- whatever the newest one is.

upgrade successful it reboot, i login to 8,00 and immediately attempt to enable desktop effects. it gives me a box about "enabling 3d effects, ati video card, changes in effect after reboot" - i clicked "Okay" and reboot- it sounded like the thing to do! anyway, it reboot.
I got to that lovely black screen with UBUNTU" at the top and a little orange bar that goes back and forth.- it stopped, tried to go to the next screen and the screen stays blank. not blank like it does when it has no input- and it says "please connect something" this time, my screen regognizes some input- but it just wont show it. (i.e if i hit source on my screen - it flickers between analog and dvi- and reverts to analog- on my screen that means something is there)
so, any advice on how to satisfy ubuntu?
p.s im gnomish not kde